One Fan’s Story As To Why She Will Continue To Be BTS Jungkook’s Fan

They hope that many people will know just how great of a person he is.

A message posted on an online community board was brought to light again due to the touching story of a fan and BTS‘s Jungkook. The title of the post read, ‘To the people who talked about BTS Jungkook’s character after seeing recent news…’

The fan explains that this one incident has made her a Jungkook fan for life.

I’m not sure if the people who wrote the malicious comments will read this but I am taking the courage to post this online. I was lucky enough to know BTS early on and was able to attend their fan meeting that happened not long after their debut. I was worried because I was deaf in one year and thought that I wouldn’t be able to have a normal conversation with them even though they were right in front of me. I took the courage to go and try my best to deliver what I wanted to say to them. It was then that I met Jungkook and promised myself that I would forever support him.

Jungkook’s actions and words hit the fan deep and has become a story that she has never forgotten.

I told Jungkook that I wasn’t able to hear in one ear and that I was always anxious but after listening to BTS’s music, I was grateful to even have one ear to be able to listen to music. I have a habit of not looking at people’s eyes when talking because I am constantly reading lips instead. Jungkook saw that and asked me if I was comfortable letting him know which side I was able to hear better. I told him that it was my left side and he came up to me real close and spoke directly into my ear. He told me that he would work even harder and thanked me for liking them. I have not forgotten that day ever since.

The fan hopes that many people will read this story and understand just how amazing Jungkook really is.

Jungkook was 18 at the time and although this one instance may not sum up his personality as whole, it doesn’t change the fact that he was able to help one person out of the brink of death. This story was something that I always wanted to tell but never had the chance to. I was so sad and upset when I saw people talking bad about his character through recent events because I knew what kind of person he was. I am currently in the hospital so I can’t post the autograph I received from him but it’s your choice whether to believe my story or not. I will not erase this post and will leave it up for a long time because I hope that even one person will read this.

Fans who read the story were truly touched by Jungkook’s words and actions.


Fans are already aware of just how sweet and caring our Golden Maknae is!