All But One of G-Dragon’s New Songs Are Banned From Broadcast

KBS announced that G-Dragon’s new self-titled album was unfit for broadcast on June 13.

Only his single, “Untitled, 2014” was deemed fit for broadcast while the rest were banned.

The following are banned songs: “Middle Fingers-Up”, “Bullshit”, “Superstar”, and “Divina Commedia.”

All of those songs contained profanity, vulgar expressions, and violence instigation.

His song “Superstar” also contained vulgar expressions but it was additionally flagged for mentioning specific brand products.

However, G-Dragon never had plans to perform his album on music shows as he said he will be too busy with his world tour.

If he ever does wishes to perform these songs on music programs, he will have to edit the lyrics or just perform his single, “Untitled, 2014”.

Source: Star News