This One Interview Changed BIGBANG Seungri’s Life Completely

His life was forever changed after this one interview.

It’s a well known fact that Seungri almost didn’t get to debut with BIGBANG.


In fact, in their pre-debut documentary, Seungri was put up against Hyunseung to take the final spot for the group.


During the elimination round, the two contenders were asked to prepare a performance in front of Yang Hyunsuk and selected members G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung and T.O.P.


Seungri had plans of his own and gave a quick piece in front of Yang Hyun Suk himself.


“I prepared something. I thought of five reasons why I should be in the group.”


“One, don’t I match the maknae image the most? Two,  my dancing. Since I know a lot about it and have done a lot of performing and dancing. I think I can help the team a lot in those areas.”


“Third is the concept. if the hyungs get fans because they’re strong, cool and manly, I’m sure I can get fans with my cute, smooth and witty self. Four, my confidence, I can give a good show with my unwavering confidence wherever we go.”


“Five, there’s no fifth reason. If you give me one more chance, I’ll work so hard that you won’t regret choosing me. I’ll surprise everyone with my hidden talent and confidence. If you’ll watch, I’ll try really hard.”


Truth be told, Seungri impressed everyone with his final performance and moved on to become BIGBANG’s fifth and youngest member.


Many believed it would’ve been the interview that changed his life. One that showcased not only his ambition but also his charisma and confidence.


What a tremendous career for him ever since!


Source: Instiz