One Korean Photographer Went Viral For Looking Just Like IU

Believe it or not, they’re not the same person.

A post titled “Photographer Who Resembles IU” trended online, and the star of the post is named Kim Cheonga.

The shared photos show Kim Cheonga looking almost identical to singer and actress, IU.

She flaunts similar facial features in almost every way that many probably stop her on the streets thinking she’s really IU.

Due to the uncanny difference, the only thing that might set their visuals apart is the freckle IU has on her left cheek.

Kim Cheonga may look very much like IU, but she has a professional career of her own that’s really taking off.

As a photographer, Kim Cheonga has photographed multiple celebrities as well as regular citizens.

Netizens are responding to the viral post with comments such as “I thought that was IU” and “They look like twins“.

Check out some more photos of Kim Cheonga below: