The One Thing BLACKPINK’s Jennie Can’t Do Will Surprise You

But she could probably learn if she wanted to.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is known for her immense talent and is considered an all-rounder by many fans.

She is, of course, known for her incredible rapping, which she often showcases in BLACKPINK’s songs.


But the idol is equally capable of singing beautiful ballads and moving fans with her voice.

Jennie is also an excellent dancer and great performer.

With powerful presence and charisma on stage.

The talented artist also plays piano…

… guitar…

… flute…

… and is learning how to play drums.

Jennie also is credited on BLACKPINK’s title track “Lovesick Girls,” both for lyrics and composition.

The idol is also known for her successful modeling. Representing brands like Chanel and Calvin Klein.

Jennie for Chanel |
Jennie for Calvin Klein | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

And she even collaborated with luxury Korean eyewear brand, Gentle Monster to release a series of products designed after her childhood memories. As well as a recent game app, Gentle Garden.

In addition to her work pursuits, Jennie is also a successful chef and baker.

But in her recent “LA vlog,” the idol reveals the one thing she isn’t good at.

She takes fans for a behind-the-scenes look at her daily life in LA in her vlog.

Covering everything from eating breakfast with a friend…

| Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube 

… to taking a walk…

| Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube 

… shopping for books…

| Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube 

… and getting her hair styled for a trip with Rosé to Disneyland.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé (left) and Jennie (right) | Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube 

In the clip, she tells fans that she can pick her own outfit. She can do her own makeup.

But she can’t style her own hair.

| Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube 

Even if she can guide her hairstylist towards the style she wants.

| Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube 

But as her hairstylist jokes, it’s “good for [him]” that the idol can’t do her own hairstyles by herself.

| Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube