This Is The One Thing Foreigners Are Most Surprised By When They Visit Seoul

People are shocked when they see this.

People visit Seoul for many reasons – whether it’s for their love of K-Pop and K-Dramas or to immerse themselves in the food and culture. While many do their poper research before visiting the country, this is the one thing that people are always shocked by.

It’s the amount of subway ads there are promoting plastic surgery. Many say that in every hall and in every station, there are subway ads featuring before and after photos of people from their surgeries. Many believe that South Korea is a country with people who love plastic surgery.

Chinese-Canadian K-Pop idol Henry also mentioned this during an appearance on Radio Star. He said,

Because of those plastic surgery ads, it’s almost as if we’re being encourage to do plastic surgery.

Many, even local Koreans, agree with this statement, with some even saying that Korea is the country for plastic surgery. Some people don’t have a problem with it, but others say that it makes Korean people look vain and fake.

Source: TheQoo