The One Thing TWICE’s Biggest Fans Still Don’t Know About Them, According To Tzuyu And Jeongyeon

Yes, even you might not know this!

TWICE‘s biggest fans may think they know everything there is to know about the girls, but there are still some facts that they have yet to discover!

In an interview with Billboard during promotions for “Alcohol-Free,” TWICE was asked, “What’s one thing TWICE’s most devoted fans don’t know about the group?

TWICE for “Alcohol-Free” | JYP Entertainment

Jeongyeon answered that they still aren’t aware of the extent of TWICE’s teamwork. Even if fans think their friendship can’t get any tighter than it already is, they come back stronger than ever the following year.

The power of our teamwork! Even our most devoted fans are always surprised by how our teamwork gets stronger and stronger each year.

— Jeongyeon

For Jeongyeon, their strong friendship as nine members is what enables them to share both fun and touching moments with each other. Their teamwork wouldn’t be the same if even one member were missing.

I think that’s the reason why, whenever all nine of us are together, we create synergy and produce some fun and touching moments.

— Jeongyeon

Tzuyu, on the other hand, answered that fans should look closer at TWICE’s hidden beauty. She believes that they can always look forward to discovering new sides to the members.

That you have to look deeper and longer to see the hidden beauty of TWICE! Regardless of how many years ONCEs have known us, there are so many more fun and new sides of TWICE, so I’ll leave this question up to ONCEs for them to discover!

— Tzuyu

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Source: Billboard