Nayeon sad after fan ignores her…but Tzuyu came to her rescue

Although Tzuyu is the youngest member of TWICE, she has proven she has compassion well beyond her years as she gives love to her fellow members.

Tzuyu doesn’t let the label of maknae define her role in TWICE. She is always watching out for everyone else and appears to be the group’s mother figure. She’ll even compliment the other members when they think they look bloated or are otherwise worried about their appearance.

She even cared about Nayeon when a fan ignored her fist bump.

The other members always appreciate Tzuyu’s kindness. If any member is ever feeling down, Tzuyu will always be there for them to pick them back up.

Look at how Tzuyu spreads her love to TWICE: 

Tzuyu really acted like a mother when she told Nayeon that she didn’t need to get braces because she looks pretty now and her teeth are what make her Nayeon.
When Tzuyu supported Nayeon’s non-makeup face and told her that she looked good to show up on the broadcast.
Another moment of her being supportive when Tzuyu reassured Jihyo about her light hair color by saying that her mom liked it and that the color suited her.
She was almost like a supporting mother to Mina when she told her to just be herself before starting her game.
When Tzuyu told Sana to be careful and not stand too close to the microwave because it was unhealthy.