That One Time A College Mistook 2EYES For TWICE For Their Festival Is Going Viral Again

“So it isn’t Twice that is coming but 2EYES…”

With college festivals in full swing for the first time in three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, colleges are engaging in bidding wars to ensure their favorite artists perform at their colleges.

Psy at a school festival | Joong-ang Ilbo

These iconic school performances have long become a semblance of the school’s austerity. It is often thought among students that the better and bigger the school is, the better the performing artists will be.

Suzy at Yonsei University | 𝒒/YouTube

Regarding this, an incident that occurred in 2016 has regained attention and is going viral again in online communities in 2022.

In a post titled “The Legendary Incident Involving A Celebrity And College Festivals,” a text that is assumed to be from a student attending Pukyung National University.

Post | Wikitree

The cringe-inducing text details the embarrassing mistake made by the president of the student body.

 Our student body president isn’t familiar with celebrities… When calling celebrities, they got Twice and 2EYES mixed up… So it isn’t Twice that is coming but 2EYES. The student body president sends their apologies. We tried getting another artist, but they are asking for a large amount to cancel the contract.

—Pukyung National University student

What had happened was, for freshman orientation, the school, had signed a contract with idol group 2EYES to perform. However, in the flyer sent out to the school’s student body, it was written that TWICE would be performing.

2EYES | SidusHQ
Twice | JYP Entertainment

It is said that the school apologized for the mistake, and to make it up after months, they finally got TWICE to perform at their school.

2EYES was a group that debuted in 2013 with their single “Don’t Mess With Me.” Although the group had its share of fans, the group was not as loved as TWICE.

Source: Wikitree
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