That One Time A Reddit User’s Search For A Song Had Carats Cracking Up

The funniest part is that they solved it so fast!

We’ve all been there: we hear a song somewhere and can’t figure out the name of it, and when we’re finally able to look it up, we have no clue how to describe it. It’s even harder when you listen to K-Pop and don’t speak Korean; you’re left with very few options for Googling.

Jeonghan from SEVENTEEN.

That’s what happened when Reddit user cheesykartoffel made a post in r/kpophelp titled “What song is this???”

They described the song with just a few details:

  1. “Boy group”
  2. “I saw this on an edit”
  3. “They say “NICE!” like every five seconds with clown/circus noises in between”
  4. “Then it goes ‘carrot carrot carrot'”
Hoshi from SEVENTEEN.

Their description was funny enough, but what made fans laugh even harder was that Carats quickly knew the song: “Very Nice” by SEVENTEEN!

SEVENTEEN from the music video for “Very Nice.” 

Carats were cracking up in the comments over the situation, one saying, “As a Carat, this has made my night, thank you!

One comment on the original post thanked the original poster.

Others said they’d never be able to unhear “carrots” now when listening to the song!

One comment on the post said it’s best description they’ve ever read.

Even non-Carats knew what song it was by the fact that it says “Nice” “every five seconds.”

Another comment on the post says “Stan Seventeen y’all.”

It’s been eight months since that post was made, but the joke is still going strong in the fandom!

Source: Reddit