ONEUS Has A Fresh & Fruity Version Of “Twilight” And It’s Exactly Why You’ll Start Stanning Them


Rookie boy group ONEUS celebrated 529K views on their music video for the bop “Twilight” by turning into adorable fruits and veggies in this special “fresh produce” performance! The members have such a good time being silly while dancing in their costumes that the viewers are claiming to stan them just for this clip.

ONEUS kicked off the video by saying hello to the viewers as “Fresh Produces” and even busted out the signature K-Pop boy group style greeting. Leedo, dressed as a giant strawberry, posed for the camera and introduced himself as “the voice of the group”.

Keonhee, who is one of the main vocalists in ONEUS, introduced himself as “the carrot from Frozen”…

… while Hwanwoong, the main dancer, turned into a pod of peas. He later playfully complained that he was chosen to be peas – when he already gets teased frequently for being one of the shorter members!

Seoho, another vocalist from the group, dressed as a bunch of grapes for the celebration…

… and RAVN the rapper came dressed as a pineapple!

I’m a pineapple, but I don’t have Spongebob living inside of me.


Last, but not least, Xion became an orange – and he was set on stealing the spotlight throughout the whole video!

ONEUS, or “Fresh Produces”, started performing “Twilight”. Even though they were dressed in the silliest costumes, the members immediately became serious and focused when the music started playing…

… except Xion the Orange who completely embraced his orangeness and remained – well, an orange.

Throughout the video, ONEUS members struggle with the costumes and can’t control their laughters! After a semi-successful performance of the song, Xion claimed the whole thing has become an unforgettable memory for the members – and for the fans as well!

Watch the full clip here: