ONEUS’s Keonhee Impersonates Multiple Characters From K-Drama “Penthouse” And They Are Scarily Accurate

Someone give him an Oscar!

ONEUS‘s Keonhee is known for his outstanding singing and dancing, but fans also know him as someone who can perfectly impersonate characters from K-Drama’s!

| @official_ONEUS/Twitter

In a video on the Mobidic YouTube channel, the group had to showcase their unique talents. Hwanwoong showed his flexibility, Ravn showed his cheesiness, Seoho was a master cleaner, and maknae Xion showed his aegyo.

While the other talents may have fallen short, Keonhee came out with his talent of impersonating three characters from the hit K-Drama Penthouse.

The first character was Cheo Seo Jin, who is known for her over-the-top actions and dramatic facial expressions. Keonhee seemed to nail them all perfectly in just a few lines!

Next was Ha Eun Byul. Once again, Keonhee proved his skills, not just with his voice but his actions, perfectly replicating this iconic character.

The final character was Joo Dan Tae, and Keonhee definitely left that best until last, transforming into someone completely different.

It is not the first time Keonhee has shown his voice mimicry skills from Doraemon, and Ko Moonyoung from It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. With another set of characters to add to his resume, there is no telling who Keonhee will be impersonating next!

You can watch the whole video below!