The Members Of ONEUS Gives Each Other Compliments And It’s So Cute

They know each other well!

The talented group ONEUS recently sat down with THE STAR where they answered various questions and also complemented one another! Their words will make your heart melt.

1. Keonhee’s compliments to Hwanwoong

Hwanwoong is a precious little guy. So I once even thought that what if I was short (height) by looking at him, I actually have pride in height. But, by looking at him, I thought that being short can also be very charming. He’s such a cool guy since he doesn’t feel his height is complex and rather thought of it as special. He also tries his best for whatever he does.

— Keonhee

2. Hwanwoong’s compliments to Ravn

Our pretty is umm…Everyone can know that Ravn is raised with tons of love. He has a charm that makes others smile by his self-love. Also, he looks very cold and snobby on the outside, but he’s actually very sloppy and funny hyung. When I praise him, he loves it so much. Also, he likes what I say now, but he pretends to be indifferent. He’s also musically talented.

— Hwanwoong

3. Ravn’s compliments to Leedo

Leedo has a darn attractive voice. He can also rap. Especially when he sings, he seems to be loved by his fans by his sweet voice which is a twist. Also, he can do many different styles. . . Also, he has a good body. . . Because Leedo is so into the workout since he was a trainee, I thought that he was only all talk, but he actually takes action.

— Ravn

4. Leedo’s compliments to Xion

Xion seems to be delicate in everything. One of the reasons why I like him is that he’s cute since he acts like the youngest, but sometimes he’s very reliable since he takes care of us well. Of course, sometimes he nags at us too much. . .Since Xion’s body line is very pretty, he has a pretty line when he dances. I’m gonna make him workout because of that

—  Leedo

5. Xion’s compliments to Seoho

Isn’t Seoho at the top of self-managemt among our members? He cares for himself in advanced when he gets sick, and he’s also very good at managing his voice. . .Oh, he also has tons of lip balm. Usually people have one lip balm and two of three if they have many. But he has tons of them.


6. Seoho’s compliments to Keonhee

Actually Keonhee seems to have the best proportion of a body among our members. He’s also very tall. He’s got big eyes, nose, and mouth. Actually Keonhee is one of he members that I don’t have to say anything to. I guess he’s very thorough. He can do everything without others saying anything else. I’m gonna find something else for Keonhee. First, Keonhee loves to eat so much that he’s very good at ordering the food delivery. It seems hard to be a charm though, it’s actually very charming.

— Seoho

Check out the interview below: