ONEUS Pays Homage To Some Of The Biggest K-Pop Acts For Their First MAMA Performance

Great performance, boys!

ONEUS performed on the MAMA stage for the first time and paid homage to some of the biggest K-Pop acts for their performance.

They showed their choreography skills and talent for dance when they performed and covered hit songs released by SHINee, Girl’s Day, Gfriend, and SEVENTEEN at the award show.

Many were amazed by their energy and skills, and the award show was definitely an opportunity for them to show what they got! Their fans are confident that they delivered their performance well and are obviously proud of the group for achieving greater heights everyday.

ONEUS held a live broadcast hours after the award show finished and they opened up about what it felt like to perform in front of their sunbaes. Although they were happy and excited about the opportunity, they also couldn’t help but feel nervous about performing on such a big stage in front of a large audience!

Gunhee particularly mentioned that they were extra nervous performing a song by their sunbaes in front of them, as they performed “Don’t Wanna Cry” by SEVENTEEN, with SEVENTEEN watching as part of the audience.

The group also trended on the number one spot in the Twitter trends for Korea giving fans more reason to be proud of the group!

Despite all the nervousness, the group ended their performance well, and their fans couldn’t be any more proud!

Watch their full performance here: