ONEUS Reveals Xion’s Favorite Convenience Store Meal For Fans To Try

We’re hungry now!

On an episode of 1theK‘s Prison Interview series, ONEUS answered a series of questions, out of which one revealed their maknae Xion‘s favorite convenience store food!

ONEUS’ Xion. | @1theK/Twitter

The goal of the Prison Interview game is for the group to find the 15 notes hidden around the set. Each note has a mission, either for a specific member or for the group as a whole, and they have to try and complete all of them as quickly as possible. As ONEUS found the notes and went through the missions, fans got to learn a lot about their favorite group!

One of the missions was just a question, asking the group to reveal what food they like to get at convenience stores.

Hwanwoong immediately talking about what Xion has been getting lately!

“Lately, there’s a recipe that Xion loves,” he said. “Well, it’s not a real recipe, but it’s a good combination. It’s Kkokkomyeon!” (An instant ramen brand)

Try eating Kkokkomyeon cup noodles with kimchi mandu [dumplings]! Or xiaolongbao [Chinese steamed bun] is also good, too.

He then ran down the whole recipe with Xion’s help: it’s Kkokkomyeon noodles with mandu or xiaolongbao, and stir-fried kimchi!

“It tastes so good!” insisted Hwanwoong.

Xion then mentioned one important part: the drink!

Hwanwoong then said that he likes to pair it with Coke while Xion likes drinking something else.

The rest of the group laughed at Hwanwoong exposing Xion!

“Is it that drink?” Leedo then teased. “Alcohol?!”

“The beverage made of barley!” explained Xion.

They managed to pass the mission with their enthusiasm–and make us all hungry in the process! Maybe we should try Xion’s famous Kkokkomyeon recipe, too!

Source: YouTube