ONF Members Reveal Personal Flaws And Challenges When Preparing New Albums

The group still has a lot that they want to show to fans.

ONF recently released their latest album, ONF: My Name, so the group sat down with FAULT magazine to discuss the album, as well as the challenges that the members face during the creative process.

The members, who grace the cover of the March edition, began by mentioning that while they are happy about the love that the new album is receiving, they still fall short and have a lot that they wish to achieve.

We want to show everyone that we are making progress in our music and performances. ONF will continue to grow, so please look forward to us.

– Hyojin

They mentioned that challenges arise each time they prepare for a new album, as they need to come up with the music, as well as the matching concepts and performance. Hyojin shared that promoting with the rhythmical group has been challenging since their debut, as he prefers ballads and had practiced singing them more often.

In terms of their flaws, Hyojin revealed his tendency towards perfectionism, while E-Tion and J-Us explained that they worry too much.

It could be the source for new ideas, which could be a strength, but it makes me tired from thinking too much.

– E-Tion

Wyatt is most likely to forget the lyrics when performing onstage, MK feels that he has too much energy, and U mentioned that he becomes fully immersed in one thing and sometimes forgets to maintain balance.

Regardless, the group remains excited after winning first place on a music show, and the members look forward to greeting fans on bigger stages in the future.

Many fans label our songs as masterpieces. I want to become a globally recognized group by promoting our songs, so our songs become a global masterpiece.

– J-Us

Watch ONF’s “Beautiful Beautiful” music video below!


Source: FAULT