ONF’s MK Reveals The Story Behind His Hilarious 39 Second Live Stream

The story is super cute!

ONF recently sat down for a fun interview where they covered various aspects of their music and some more personal questions. One question MK received asked, “Does MK have the shortest and the largest time record” for live streaming?

For those not familiar with MK’s live streams, MK once held a live stream as long as 5 hours and 10 minutes! That’s some amazing fan service! Shocked, MK’s fellow member Wyatt exclaimed, “5 hours and 15 minutes?

The interview then cut to a short clip of the longest live stream of MK’s. The live stream had a chill and calm vibe as MK simply built a Lego set for the whole stream.

The members showed their fascination and Wyatt commented, “Five hours. Hold on. So you made your Legos for five hours?

MK explained how the stream and Lego building went on for so long because he merely couldn’t stop once he started. How hardworking is he? His members were impressed with MK’s cool mindset.

I’ve been doing it for five hours. Honestly, I had a hard time back then. It was really hard, but I couldn’t stop it. I have to finish what I’ve already started.

— MK

For his shortest live stream, the story is a pretty cute one! MK explained he had finished everything on his schedule but had no one to talk to. Instead of being lonely, MK decided to do a live stream and celebrate that he finished his work with his fans. MK explained, “The first shortest time, I’m done with my work, and I’m so proud. It was too late.

MK further shared he didn’t have anyone else to talk to so he simply turned to doing a live stream. In his stream, he cheered, “Come on in! Hurry up! I’m here to tell you that I’m done. I’m going home now. There’s a mosquito in my room. Bye..

E-Tion added that he actually watched the short live stream and was confused by its short end: “What is it?”

E-Tion informed him that if he was lonely he could have simply texted his members, but MK charmingly conveyed, “That’s not realistic. I have to express it myself.

Check out the interview below: