ONF Captivates The Hearts Of Fans Showing Off Their Charming Ending Fairy Poses

They are all beautiful ending fairies!

During their recent guest appearance on After School Club, ONF was requested to show off their best “Ending fairy” poses! With visuals like theirs, you already know each member stole the hearts of the viewers!

| @arirang_ASC/Instagram

For those unfamiliar with what an ending fairy pose exactly is, it is the stunning pose that idols show off when the camera lands on them at the end of their performance. The poses usually consist of a member of the group heavily breathing, looking absolutely gorgeous, and making intense eye contact with the camera.

The members of ONF showed off their own gorgeous ending fairy poses when they were requested to “Go one by one” and “Choose props” to create a perfect ending fairy.

Starting it all off was U! U’s ending fairy was absolutely stunning as his props were gorgeous flower petals.

Following U was E-Tion as he posed with a cute hat and charming wink!

Wyatt showed up after E-Tion and definitely proved himself as an ending fairy expert with his sparkly wand!

Next up in line, J-US blew the viewers away as he blew cute bubbles and a kiss towards the camera.

MK also used flower petals as his prop and looked like an actual fairy with his adorable yellow wings behind him!

Hyojin also disappoint and stunned everyone with his romantic red rose!

Thanks to After School Club, Fuses have a lot of gorgeous new GIFs to make! Which ending fairy was your favorite?

Check out the video below: