ONF’s U Reveal Who His Bias Would Be If He Was A Fuse

It’s so hard to pick a bias! We love them all!

On the popular group’s recent appearance on After School Club, the members of ONF showed off their charming personalities and answered several fun questions! One question the group members were asked was, “If you were a Fuse, who would be your bias?”

Unsure how to answer the question, all six of the members hilariously sat silently.

The members finally broke the silence and embarrassedly laughed. Finally, U started it off and shared that his bias would be Hyojin!

U explained that Hyojin’s vocals in one of their latest songs would make him his bias as a Fuse! Fans can agree with that! Hyojin’s vocals certainly are entrancing!

If I was a Fuse, Hyojin! Throughout this album, we have the song ‘I.T.I.L.U’ and Hyojin sings the part that made me think it was a masterpiece…everything about it. I melted.

— U

After U’s compliment, Hyojin was, Of course, asked to sing his part “I.T.I.L.U.” U adorably apologized to Hyojin now that he was put on the spot.

Though Hyojin claimed, “My throat isn’t well today,” I think we can all agree his vocals were beautiful! Even the MCs were sad Hyojin only sang for a short time and expressed how they wanted to hear more! Who can blame them?

I wonder if Hyojin would pick U as his bias! Let’s face it, they’re all so charming it’s hard to pick a bias!

Check out the video below: