Ong Seong Wu’s Formal Look Leaves Fans Begging For More Suit-Seong Wu

Ong-vid is back in a shiny suit.

On August 15, 2019, idol-turned-actor Ong Seong Wu wore a special Alexander McQueen suit to the 2019 K-WORLD FESTA event he hosted. While the suit was extra fancy in its color and pattern, Ong Seong Wu made the look work!


Fans are pointing out how the patterns on the suit resemble the Korean national flower of mugunghwa (무궁화, hibiscus) and as August 15 is a federal holiday in Korea for being the National Liberation Day, that Ong Seong Wu may have chosen the suit specifically to honor the day.


While the patters on the suit may not necessarily be the actual mugunghwa flowers, Korean fans are finding meaning in Ong Seong Wu’s outfit and complimenting the actor on how good he looks in the style!


Ong Seong Wu had his hair sleeked back for the occasion. This created a whole new “Ong Seong Wu”, as compared to the character Choi Jun Woo he is currently playing in the TV series At Eighteen. While fans absolutely adore Choi Jun Woo, they were happy to see Ong Seong Wu as himself again!


Fans are also celebrating the return of Ong-vid, his beloved nickname coined from Michelangelo’s work of “David” – to capture the sense that Ong Seong Wu is so good-looking that he’s like a statue, and are scavenging for more pictures of this suit-Seong Wu on the internet!


Check out how gorgeous Ong-vid looked for the evening:


And how sweet he was, interacting with his fans – who were losing their minds thanks to the overwhelming visual: