Ong Seong Wu Inspired Character “Seal Ong” Is As Adorable As He Is

It does everything Ong Seong Wu does.

Ong Seong Wu has an entire “Seal Ong” character and merchandise inspired by his seal-like visual. Fans adore “Seal Ong” as much as they do Ong Seong Wu – making this seal plushie as high profile and beloved as the K-Pop star himself!


Back in 2017, a Twitter user by the handle @fo0orong first shared the seal character fan art dedicated to trainee Ong Seong Wu on Produce 101 Season 2. The artist called it “Seal Ong” and the illustration well depicted the similarities between Ong Seong Wu and the mammal.


Once the fan art went viral, other Ong Seong Wu fans noticed the uncanny resemblance between the idol and the seal and wanted a real-life version of the “Seal Ong”. The artist decided to develop it into a dream-come-true for all Ong Seong Wu fans. After countless surveys of fellow Ong Seong Wu fans, the artist was able to mass produce the seal plushie and ship it worldwide!


Since then, “Seal Ong” has been absolutely adored by Ong Seong Wu fans. This sort of “spirit animal” identity has been embraced by Ong Seong Wu himself too!


In particular, a Twitter account, by the handle of @mysealong, posts the seal plushie’s best moments imitating Ong Seong Wu.


The pictures shared on this account are quite spot on and fans have a blast seeing the Ong X Ong visual-apalooza!


Fans are wild about the comparison pictures – showing both Seal Ong and Ong Seong Wu living their best lives!