Ong Seong Wu In “At Eighteen” Is Your High School First Love You Didn’t Know You Had

He’s becoming everyone’s heartbreak.

With At Eighteen reaching up to 5% national viewership ratings, which is to say the series is off to a stable start, the male lead Ong Seong Wu‘s visual is becoming a hot topic on the rise once again!


As more episodes unveil the heartbreaking story behind Ong Seong Wu’s dark and lonely character Choi Jun Woo, viewers are becoming quickly attached to him.


Ong Seong Wu has been very successful at conveying his character – an average high school student, biking to get to his classes on time…


… working part-time jobs to make ends meet…


… and struggling with friendships and relationships.


These behind-the-scene pictures, shared by Ong Seong Wu’s agency Fantagio Entertainment, have also become fans’ new favorites. His good-looking face is at hard work, trying to charm the viewers into watching more episodes!


And viewers are more than entirely fooled. They’re now calling Ong Seong Wu a “Memory Manipulator” because he keeps becoming their high school first love that they didn’t know they had!


Take a sneak peek inside the world of Choi Jun Woo, played by our visual god Ong Seong Wu:

Source: THEQOO