Ong Seong Wu Sets Highest Viewer Ratings With His Emotional Scene In “At Eighteen”

Viewers were left speechless by the scene.

With more episodes airing and the sad story of character Choi Jun Woo unfolding, Ong Seong Wu‘s new drama At Eighteen is gaining more audience. And the viewers continue to be mind blown by Ong Seong Wu’s solid acting skills in each of the episodes.


By the final scene of the 4th episode, At Eighteen broke its own viewership rating record by reaching an all time high of 4.5%. Viewers are pointing to Ong Seong Wu and his emotional acting in this episode to thank for this brand new record.


This particular episode revealed the complicated relationship that Ong Seong Wu’s character Choi Jun Woo has with his classmate Ma Hwi Young – played by actor Shin Seung Ho. Ong Seong Wu, outraged by Shin Seung Ho’s involvement in the death of his old friend, has a breakdown and charges at Shin Seung Ho to punch him.


The last few minutes of the episode showing the emotional build up leading to the ultimate blow up, acted out in impeccable detail by Ong Seong Wu, had the viewers holding their breaths until the end!


In particular, viewers are completely enchanted by the full minute of the scene. While Ong Seong Wu does not say a single line in this minute, viewers are able to read Ong Seong Wu’s emotions through his face and are able to relate to the character’s pain. Viewers can’t praise Ong Seong Wu enough for being able to convey this powerful scene in such depth!


Watch the whole scene here:

Source: Nate Pann
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