Ong Seong Wu Is Teaching The Internet How To Pose For That Gram-Worthy Pic

He is your “How to Pose for IG” tutorial.

In a series of pictures uploaded to his Instagram, captioned “Retro Moments”, idol-and-actor Ong Seong Wu showcased his most hipster poses to share on social media.

ong seong wu 3

His extravagance is now becoming an inspiration for fans who need that boost for likes on the gram!

ong seong wu 4

Dressed in an old-school denim-on-denim pair and an ultimate dad-shirt, topped off with hipster sunglasses…

ong seong wu 5


…Ong Seong Wu was an epitome of “cool vibes” in his photos.

ong seong wu 8

While the outfit and the occasion was for the shoot of his drama At Eighteen, Ong Seong Wu had a blast nonetheless posing and snapping his 90s throwback!

ong seong wu 7


And the way he boasted his retro look – with IDGAF poses like these – is now leaving his fans cracking up but also wildly inspired!

ong seong wu final

This is how we should take pics at the amusement park.

— Comment from @h._.s03

In need of pose ideas for your next gram-worthy photo session?

ong seong wu 6

Look no further. Ong Seong Wu the Retro King is your guide:

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