Ong Seong Wu’s Visuals Shine Through Even With The Military Haircut

He pulls it off so well!

It was recently announced that Ong Seong Wu would enlist in the military on April 17. Due to this, he completed all his current schedules last month.

Today, he held a YouTube live stream with fans and showed off his shaved head as he prepares for enlistment. Many fans were shocked to see how much he had cut, as most idols usually cut it short.

But even with his almost shaved head, his visuals stood out even more!

Even with barely any hair, his eyes, nose, lips are just perfection!

Honestly, this is not an easy style to digest, but he’s killing it!

He also held a Reebok fan sign event the same day before cutting off his hair and proved his sweet personality. He even high-fived fans waiting outside that weren’t chosen for the raffle!

K-netizens also couldn’t get over how he could pull off the military hair cut style!

| theqoo
  • “Wow I saw him earlier in Jamsil today. He had his hair still then!”
  • “His features are a work of art. His visuals made it through even with that kind of haircut.”
  • “Wow this is what truly good-looking means.”
  • “His features stand out even more with no hair.”

Watch the full live stream to see more of his visuals!

Source: theqoo