Ong Seongwoo Was Asked To Pick Between Love And Friendship, And Nobody Expected His Answer

We love a smart guy!

Ong Seongwoo recently posed for the April issue of Vogue magazine, after which he sat down for an interview with Vogue TV. One question in particular caught the attention of viewers for his sensible and unique response.

Vogue started off by placing a box in front of him with questions written on rolls of paper. In one question, he was asked to pick between love and friendship.

Q: If you and your close friend liked the same girl and you had to choose between love and friendship, what would you choose?

– Vogue TV

Most people would pick one or the other, but he surprised viewers when he said it wasn’t as black and white as it seemed.

I don’t think it’s an issue that can be decided between me and my friend. Saying ‘Okay, you should be the one to date her’ or ‘No, I should date her’ is not something we can decide just like that.

– Ong Seongwoo

He understood what was ultimately the most important aspect of it all.

It’s possible to like the same person at the same time, but in the end, it’s up to that person. She might not even like either of us.

– Ong Seongwoo

How true! Want to see more of Ong Seongwoo? Watch the full interview below!

Source: Nate