Ong Seongwoo Slid Into Park Jihoon’s Livestream And Gave Fans All The Feels

Seongwoo surprised everyone, even Jihoon, during the livestream:

Ong Seongwoo had a very special surprise for fans, and even Park Jihoon himself, when he suddenly slipped into Jihoon’s livestream!


On June 19, Park Jihoon surprised fans with an Instagram live. While he interacted with fans and answered questions, he suddenly got a huge surprise! As he was reading through the comments, he noticed a post by none other than Ong Seongwoo!

Wait… isn’t that Ong Seongwoo?

— Park Jihoon


Because Seongwoo’s post scrolled by so quickly, Jihoon quickly asked Seongwoo if it really was him…

Seongwoo, is that really you? Why are you here?

— Jihoon


Before he got an answer back confirming it was indeed him! When he saw this, Jihoon couldn’t help giving a shoutout to his friend and former Wanna One bandmate.

Everyone, he’s here! Clap your hands!

— Jihoon


But making the moment even sweeter, Jihoon had one more question for Seongwoo…

Seongwoo, what are you doing here? Why aren’t you sleeping?

— Jihoon


And this was Seongwoo’s answer!

I was going to sleep but then the notification went off.

— Ong Seongwoo


Their adorable interaction has been making fans have all the feels.


And really, it’s no surprise why!

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