Ong Seongwoo Is So Popular Even Government Officials Can’t Get Enough Of Him

Ong Seongwoo has gone viral for stealing the officials’ hearts.

Ong Seongwoo‘s outstanding talent and handsome visuals have always made him extremely popular with fans and non-fans alike. His unstoppable popularity has made him go viral several times and he’s done it once again only this time it’s a little bit different.


Seongwoo was recently appointed as the honorary ambassador of the Incheon Office of Education and attended the ceremony that was held on his behalf. From the very first moment he walked into the building, he was met with a whole lot of excitement.


When the ceremony kicked off things died down a bit…


But with a single smile, Seongwoo had everyone cheering once again!


The true moment that showed his popularity, however, was when it came time for him to take pictures with everyone. All of the government officials quickly gathered around Seongwoo and a few women were even seen having a complete fangirl moment when they found themselves next to him!


Fans can’t get over just how popular Seongwoo really is and have even been chuckling over the intense reactions he caused.


With handsome looks, amazing talent, and great personality, it’s not hard to see why he got so much love from all those government officials!