Photos of Ong Seongwu Are Going Viral for the Loving Way He Looks at His Cousin

Find someone that looks at you the way Ong Seongwu looks at his cousin.

Multiple online communities have been circulating photos of Ong Seongwu with a cute little boy, and they’ve been going viral for the loving way Ong Seongwu looks at him.

It’s been reported that the said photos were taken during a family gathering.

And he could be seen smiling at the little children at the gathering while also showing off his handsome visuals in a simple black suit and clean hairdo.

What made fans especially excited was the way he patted his younger cousin on the head and looked at him with hearts in his eyes.

With how handsome Ong Seongwu is already and his love for children added on top, fans are wishing they could be reborn as that cousin of his.




Source: Insight

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