Ong Seongwu Breaks down Crying After Watching a Wanna One Video at His Fan Meeting

“Do you remember this?”

Ong Seongwu recently attended his first independent fan meeting abroad in Singapore where he shared some very meaningful times with his fans.

In particular, toward the end of the fan meeting, a video of Wanna One‘s final concert came on the screen preceded by a caption that read, “Do you remember this?

After watching the video of himself, Ong Seongwu showed a very unexpected response that caught his fans off guard.

In the beginning, he smiled as if he was pleased to see the footage filled with good memories, but he then broke down crying.

Ong Seongwu placed 5th in Mnet’s Produce 2 and debuted with Wanna One back in August of 2018. The group released multiple hit songs and gained great popularity before disbanding on December 31 of last year.

He later shared that once he collected himself, he heard Wanna One’s fan club name, “Wannables” which made him tear up once more.

Check out the touching footage below:


Source: Insight

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