An Online User’s Comment Could Actually See The Future About How BTS Would Turn Out

Some people just know!

An online community post gained attention for the prediction made by an online user from 2015.

In their comment they stated, “My hope is that BTS, BTOB, and MAMAMOO become so famous that everyone knows who they are…If these groups make it big then they would be able to break the stereotype about idols 100%, right?”

The date in which this post was written was April 29, 2015, meaning that it was the same day BTS’s “I NEED U” was released.

This also meant that it was before MAMAMOO’s “Um Oh Ah Yeh” or BTOB’s “It’s Okay” was released. So this user knew of the groups’ talent and potential even before their hit songs came out.

While many fans found this user’s taste in music and prediction to be quite cool, some also felt that they could have edited their post later on.

However, users found that this comment was posted under the BTS album category and the first reply to the comment was about BTOB.

With K-pop becoming more of a global trend and influence, more and more groups have been debuting in recent years. With the competition growing stronger, it becomes harder to stand out and find a place in the K-Pop industry. BTS, MAMAMOO, and BTOB have come a far way from their debut days and have earned their place as one of the most influential groups of the most recent K-Pop generation.