OnlyOneOf Reveals Where They Felt The Most Comfortable Filming “Skinz”

Their reasoning makes perfect sense!

OnlyOneOf recently released their comeback Instinct, Pt. 2, on January 14th of 2022, along with their music video for the title track “skinz.”

Recently the group uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of their filming process for “skinz.”

OnlyOneOf’s KB (speaking first) and Yoojung (speaking second) | @OnlyOneOf official/YouTube  

Throughout the video, the members showed off their friendship, constantly teasing and encouraging each other.

OnlyOneOf’s Yoojung | @OnlyOneOf official/YouTube 

And most especially, they tried to keep warm while filming in the cold, bundled up in jackets in between takes at scenic outdoor locations.

OnlyOneOf’s Rei (left), Junji (middle), and Nine (right) | @OnlyOneOf official/YouTube

And while the members seemed to have fun wherever they went, smiling enthusiastically and giving their all to acting in each scene.

They all agreed that one of the filming locations was far more comfortable than the rest.

| @OnlyOneOf official/YouTube 

The behind-the-scenes video shows the members all lounging around in their familiar practice room, watching videos on their phones, sharing snacks, and goofing around.

| @OnlyOneOf official/YouTube

And member Rei speaks for the group when he describes the scene as actually being “quite comfortable. Since this is [their] home ground.”

(right to left) OnlyOneOf’s Rei, Junji, Yoojung, and Nine | @OnlyOneOf official/YouTube 

While his members Junji, Yoojung, and Nine nod their agreement, Rei continues by explaining that since the location was so familiar, they “didn’t have to try so hard to act. [They] could just act while being [their] usual selves.”

| @OnlyOneOf official/YouTube 

And to further show off their comfort level, the members show their fans a normal type of game they play between typical practice sessions.

| @OnlyOneOf official/YouTube 

But even if OnlyOneOf was most comfortable acting in the practice room scenes, none of their impressive acting in “skinz” could disappoint.

OnlyOneOf’s Mill | @OnlyOneOf official/YouTube 

You can watch the rest of the behind-the-scenes video here.