Oppas Don’t Always Have To Be Older Than You… Meet 3 New Idol Oppas From 6th Grade

Oppas come in all shapes, sizes, and ages — these 3 are straight out of 6th grade and they’re not messing around!

Starship Entertainment revealed that Jo Woo Chang, Park Hyun Jin from KPOP STAR 6‘s Boyfriend, and ACHILLO will form a project group, called OG SCHOOL PROJECT.

These three 13-year-olds met to discuss their new project on a live broadcast.

They talked about what it was like working with producer GROOVYROOM, and how they are quickly getting to know each other better.

Park Hyun Jin also went to praise his two fellow members.

“Jo Woo Chan has a really good voice.

He has a voice for a rapper. I knew ACHILLO was unique from the first time I saw him.

He has a fresh feel and I want to keep listening to him.”

— Park Hyun Jin

Netizens are already commenting that they find the group adorable and that they’re looking forward to seeing what they can do!

Their concept photoshoot hint that these oppas will soon come out with some hard going hits!

Source: Dispatch