The Original Title Of NCT 127’s “Good Thing” Will Leave You With Questions

That title went in a completely different direction.

In their album booklets, NCT likes to include the original titles to their songs. And, sometimes the original titles are nowhere near what the final one becomes.


This is the case with NCT 127’s track “Good Thing” from their Limitless album.

Originally, the title of “Good Thing” was supposed to be “Good S**t”. And, this fan learned the hard way when she opened up her album booklet.

Although only one word changes from the original to the final title, the meaning and feeling completely changes. Another example is “Welcome To My Playground”, with its original title being “Welcome To My Funeral”.

The original titles of some of NCT’s tracks are extremely interesting and create a lot of questions that’ll never get answered. Would you have preferred “Good S**t” and “Welcome To My Funeral”?