SB19’s “2023 Asia Artist Awards” Appearance Is More Than Just A Performance

“The universe is definitely for the P-Pop Kings!”

On December 14, the 2023 Asia Artist Awards (AAAs) took place in the Philippines, celebrating a year of music and entertainment.

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Along with the numerous Korean entertainers, there were many other Asian celebrities in attendance, including several Filipino stars.

Some of the most anticipated stars of the night were SB19, the popular boy group behind the absolute banger “Gento.” The group walked the red carpet wearing Barong Tagalog, a Phillippine national dress.


The group had a very successful night, winning the “Best Artist Award (Music)” and “Hot Trend Award.”

SB19 also were among the performers for the event and presented a nearly eight-minute long stage with multinational group &TEAM as special guests.

However, the great night for the group meant so much more to many of their fans than just award acceptances and a performance.

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When SB19 debuted, they were under ShowBT, a company founded by South Korean comedian Jung Seong Han. With the release of Pagtatag in June 2023, the group announced they had established their label, 1Z Entertainment.

In November, the group began going by another name as ShowBT fought them on the rights for it. On December 5, it was announced that SB19 had successfully negotiated the rights to use their name.

Fans found it iconic for the group to return to the stage using their name in such a big way.

SB19’s presence at the 2023 AAAs also stirred feelings within non-fans.

One netizen shared that seeing a Southeast Asian group take the stage as the main characters, rather than just be part of a viral trend, made them happy.

Many were especially proud of SB19 appearing in front of so many K-pop acts and showing off how they earned the title of “P-Pop Kings.”

Congratulations to SB19 on all their achievements so far!

Correction: A previous version of this article listed &TEAM as a K-Pop group. They are a multinational group under HYBE LABELS Japan based in Korea and Japan.