P1Harmony Reveals Which Member Is The Biggest K-Pop Fan

Who’s the biggest K-Pop fanboy?

While all the members of P1Harmony are huge K-Pop fans, the group revealed the biggest ones in the group!

In their recent interview with Seventeen, the members were asked a series of fun questions. One asked, “Who is the biggest K-Pop fan?

The group pointed out Keeho and Intak to be the biggest fans of K-Pop in the group. The two were at a tie with having 3 votes each.

Jongseob shared, “I think Intak listens to K-Pop.” Theo clarified that though Intak loves K-Pop, he especially loves P1Harmony.

It’s P1Harmony that Intak likes so much, rather than K-Pop. All day long he’s watching P1Harmony performance videos.

— Theo

Keeho confirmed Theo’s statement and shared that he can hear Intak listening to their music from outside his room.

So ture. Early in the morning I’ll be in my room about to go to sleep and then I hear from the outside (Sings P1Harmony’s song). Watching all our first intro videos mixed up

— Keeho

Intak, shy and embarrassed adorably asked, “But did you actually see?” Keeho replied he overheard Intak listening to all their videos: “I’ll keep hearing it.

For Keeho, Intak explained after Keeho listens to a new K-Pop song is released, Keeho picks up the choreography fast.

It’s weird but when K-Pop songs come out, Keeho already knows all the choreography.

— Intak

Furthermore, Theo mentioned that Keeho is always watching other K-Pop artists in his room. Keeho stated that it’s always good to monitor and study other groups to see what’s new in K-Pop.

There’s a lot to learn and it’s always good to monitor and see like whenever there’s new music coming out. And like, I like to have an open mind and just see whatevers new.

— Keeho

Back to Intak, he added to Keeho’s words and said he will often watch the artist he likes for what they wear and how they are in live broadcasts.

If I really like an artists, I look up their work by the different costumes, the broadcast networks. I look them up to see how their expressions or moves are different.

— Intak

Though they have accomplished so much since their debut last year, the group shared that watching for new things in K-Pop and monitoring themselves helps is all part of the research process as rookies.

We’re in the position of researching and learning, so…

— Keeho

Check out the video below: