This Pair Of Idol Siblings Are Who Idols Wish They Could Collaborate With

The Idol Survey revealed what idols truly wanted.

For Daily Sport‘s Idol Survey, over one hundred idols voted on a variety of questions regarding other idols. One of those questions was which idols they’d like to do a collaboration with.

The first and second spots were taken by the most popular groups, BTS and TWICE, respectively. For the third spot, there was a three-way tie. Along with SEVENTEEN and Chungha, there was a duo that wasn’t an official one.

Idols voted on a set of siblings from seperate groups, surprising everyone. Part of the duo was INFINITE‘s Sungyeol.

If you’re familiar with the veteran idol, it’s known that he has a brother in their fellow Woollim Entertainment group Golden Child.

He’s the one in charge of wrangling in the group of playful young men: leader Daeyeol. Although it would be an unforgettable round of promotions if the brothers debuted as a duo, it won’t be happening any time soon.

Back in March, Sungyeol enlisted for his mandatory military service. Until those two years have passed, idols will be patiently waiting for the possibility of collaborating with them as a duo.

Who knew this was the idol sibling debut everyone was looking forward to?