Pann Users Discuss What The Standards Of A Failed K-Pop Group Are

Here’s how some Pann users define a “failed K-Pop group”.

After reading Pann posts calling groups such as NCT, MONSTA X, Lovelyz, OH MY GIRL, and more a “failed idol group”, a Pann user asked other users exactly what constituted a failed K-Pop group.

“What exactly are the standards of a failed group? Pann users often call NCT, MONSTA X, Lovelyz, OH MY GIRL, etc., failed idol groups, but aren’t they pretty popular?” ㅡ Pann User


One user suggested that idols who are popular among teens and people in their 20’s are average and the ones who are known by the general public are considered a success.

“If teens and people in their 20’s know the group, they’re about average. The group has to be known by the general public to be considered a success…ex. veteran idols like Red Velvet, TWICE, EXO, BTS, Wanna One, etc.” ㅡ Pann User 2


Another user suggested that if they haven’t hit no. 1 on the charts at least once in a year, they’re considered a “failed idol group” and if they haven’t even entered the top 100, they’re a “completely failed idol group”.

“In my standard, idols who consistently release albums and don’t hit no. 1 at least once in a year is a failed idol group…and if they can’t even reach the top 100 they’re completely failed idol groups…no matter how many fans they have, it means they’re just not popular…” ㅡ Pann User 3


Another user expressed their confusion on why people associate only ranking with the group’s popularity and overall achievement when both album sales and ranking are both similarly important.

“It’s strange how those who sell a lot of albums but have low rankings=failed idols and those who don’t sell albums and have high rankings are the popular idols. It’s just really funny to meㅋㅋㅋalbum sales and ranking is both important as part of their achievements but I just don’t understand how people say some have failed or become a hit just by looking at the rankingsㅋㅋ” ㅡ Pann User 4


Others have responded that on Pann, almost all idols have been called failed idols before.

  • “Even EXO, BTS and Wanna One are failed idol groups here”
  • “It’s okay, even EXO is called a failed idol here sometimes”
  • “All groups mentioned on Pann are failedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋthey’re like ‘this group 00 everyone here probably knows is a total fail'”
  • “If the group’s name was mentioned here, they’re not a failed group. People don’t know and aren’t interested in these failed groups so they’re not even mentioned on websites like this”


Moreover, they have been pointing out that the netizens shouldn’t be labeling artists as “failed idol groups” without even knowing the facts.

  • “Even though trolls keep saying a group’s failed, the reason they’re still singing their songs is that there are people who like them and because they haven’t failed. That’s why they keep coming back on stage. The public shouldn’t say they’ve failed if they don’t know for sure. If a group goes through even a small slump after becoming a big hit, they still consider them as a fail. Even if they’re in a slump, there are still millions of people who know them…it’s really strange”
  • “Hey, there are almost 100 teams of idols that debut each year and we don’t even know the names of 80~90% of them. The groups you know are seriously a major success. And it’s not because they’re agencies are huge, they have the skills to enter a big agency which is why the agencies invest in them and help them debut. Honestly, the companies have to make money too, do you think they’ll use trainees that can’t earn them money?; They all made a big effort to get to where they are and are just doing their job”
Source: Pann Nate