Parents Voted For Which BTS Member They’d Want Their Children To Date, And Their Logic Is Interesting

Who do you think won?

YouTube content creator Xiomayc‘s channel is full of eclectic content. Covering everything from introducing New Yorkers to food from around the world to polling people for their thoughts on K-Pop, it has a little bit of everything.

Previously, TWICE‘s Tzuyu came out victorious against five other Taiwanese beauties in Xiaomanyc’s top Taiwan beauty poll, beating out Lin Chi-ling, who is considered “Taiwan’s Top Beauty”.

This time, they decided to go around polling the very diverse people wandering around New York’s famous Times Square to find out which member of BTS parents would want their child to date.

The first two parents he polled voted for Jungkook, while the third parent voted for V (and her daughter excitedly agree with her choice).

Jungkook was a popular choice because aside from parents, even children themselves chose him!

This dad strongly felt that a person’s credentials were more important than their aesthetic, however, when pressed…

… He chose Jungkook because “he seems more sunshine”!

After polling a wide variety of people from all over the world, many of which didn’t know who BTS were, Jungkook held on to his strong lead, ultimately winning and becoming the BTS member that parents would want their children to date.


I don’t know how to say, almost like… Very reliable and dependable, you know what I mean? Like Jin might be super handsome… But Jungkook just has that… Softer look.