Park Bo Gum’s Newest CF Is Making Everyone Do A Double Take…Because It’s Not Him

Many netizens were sure it was him at first!

Sometimes our eyes play tricks on us and a new CF that is currently going viral is playing the biggest trick of them all, by making everyone see Park Bo Gum when he’s not there at all!


Back in September, netizens discovered Park Bo Gum’s high school doppelganger and now they’ve found his female counterpart too, thanks to an advertisement for California Walnuts!


Bae Jita is a professional athlete and a PAC Pro bodybuilding promoter. She’s also got a lot of fans and a big following on Instagram!


Although she’s not normally mistaken for Park Bo Gum, the angle of the camera throughout the advertisement left many netizens feeling like they’d just seen Park Bo Gum.


In fact, many netizens have admitted that if they hadn’t noticed her apparel they would have continued thinking it was Park Bo Gum!


Check out the full advertisement for yourself below!

Source: The Qoo
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