Park Bo Gum Responds to a Hilarious Comment Made About BTS V’s Toe in Recent Photos

Park Bo Gum has V’s back, even on Twitter.

BTS‘s V recently shared photos of himself on Twitter, and his best friend, Park Bo Gum responded to an unexpected but hilarious comment made by a fan.

In the shared photos, V can be seen walking in a leisurely manner while holding an umbrella and showing off a gorgeous smile.

The photos were captioned, “Busan is nice“, and Park Bo Gum responded to this in the comment section with the remark, “Your footsteps look like they’re enjoying themselves, too.


This then drew many fans’ eyes to V’s feet, and one fan made the hilarious comment, “Your toe seems to be having fun, too. Hahahahaha.

And when Park Bo Gum saw this, he replied to the comment himself with an emoticon of a smiley covering his lips with its index finger as if he was telling the fan to keep it a secret.


It wasn’t long ago that V and Park Bo Gum were spotted together at a cafe in Busan, and it appears that Park Bo Gum is looking out for his friend on Twitter as well with the secret of V’s toe almost getting out.

Source: Dispatch