The Shocking Contrast Between Park Bo Gum’s Lovely Face and Manly Hands

The contrast is shocking yet attractive.

In recent days, photos of Park Bo Gum‘s face and hands have been circulating in various online communities for the shocking contrast seen between the two.

Following his breakout role in tvN’s Reply 1988, Park Bo Gum has gained popularity for his sweet and lovely face.

But what’s making fans’ hearts flutter even more is how manly his hands are in comparison.

In contrast to his soft face, his hands are big enough to cover his entire face along with very prominent veins that can even be seen from far away.

As a result, fans have been calling his hands “wannabe hands”, and they especially stand out when he’s with a female actress.

In response to the photos, fans are responding with comments such as “They’re not just big, but pretty, too“, “I wish my boyfriend had hands like that“, and “Wow, so attractive“.

Check out some more photos of Park Bo Gum’s face and hands below:

Source: Insight