Park Bo Gum Actually Slayed the “Boy With Luv” Choreo That He Learned from His Bestie, BTS’s V

V taught him well!

Park Bo Gum recently held a fan meeting in Manila, Philippines, where he showed off the “Boy With Luv” choreography that he learned from his best friend, V of BTS.

Despite not having any professional background in dance, Park Bo Gum showed off a nearly perfect rendition of the famous “Boy With Luv” choreography.

From the very beginning, Park Bo Gum flaunted a leisurely smile on his face as he nailed every single move of the not-so-easy dance.

As soon as he kicked the air and proceeded into the highlight portion, it almost seemed as if he was an idol, not an actor.

Although the performance was only a minute long, it was enough to elicit overwhelming cheers from the audience commending his impressive dancing ability.

Watch the full performance below:

Source: Insight


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