Park Bo Gum finally responds to TWICE… after all the love they sent him

Park Bo Gum shared “What Is Love?” on Twitter!

Park Bo Gum has finally reciprocated TWICE‘s love for him by sharing their hit single “What Is Love?” on Twitter.


The tweet came as a pleasant surprise to TWICE fans since Park Bo Gum and TWICE have had few interactions since Music Bank in 2017.


During the program, fans noticed the way TWICE looked at Park Bo Gum. The members turned their heads toward him one by one as their eyes shone with affection.


Nayeon seemed completely captivated by the actor’s charms…


…and Momo smiled sweetly whenever he looked her way.


In fact, just standing next to him made her feel shy!


For a while, it seemed like TWICE’s love was one-sided, but Park Bo Gum may be turning into a ONCE! While driving, he danced to “Like Ooh-Ahh”…


…and sang along to “Heart Shaker”.


Now that Park Bo Gum has openly shown his support for TWICE on Twitter…


… ONCEs are over the moon!