Park Bo Gum’s Hair Keeps Growing And Here’s Why He’s Refusing To Cut It

Park Bo Gum has shown up with the longest hair he’s ever had!

Park Bo Gum recently appeared at the VIP preview of the new movie Burning with the longest hair he’s ever had.


On this day, he was sporting a green trench coat paired with some jeans and pink sneakers.


But what was the most surprising part of his fashion was his hair! His long, almost bob-like haircut has been gaining attention from the media for its surprising effects of making Park Bo Gum look even purer.


Korean netizens have been digging his new look as well, praising him for how good his long hair looks!

  • “He’s so freaking handsome ㅠㅠㅠ his long hair is beautiful ㅠㅠㅠㅠ”
  • “His image is becoming better and better”
  • “He looks like a doll”
  • “Long hair looks good on him too ㅜㅜㅜ”
  • “No words can describe his image…”
  • “Park Bogummy can pull off anything”


Netizens have been speculating reasons as to why he may not be cutting his hair, one of them being that he may be preparing for a historical drama.

Park Bo Gum hasn’t chosen his next film or drama in 2 years since Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.


In response to these speculations, Park Bo Gum’s agency, Blossom Entertainment, made an announcement to clarify his situation. In fact, the actor had not selected his next project and therefore, there was no historical drama to prepare for.


A representative from his agency explained that his hair is unrelated to work and is simply Park Bo Gum’s own preference.

“(In regard to his hairstyle), Park Bo Gum simply wants to grow it out.” ㅡ Blossom Entertainment Affiliate


Since his last drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, Park Bo Gum had been focusing on his studies and as a result, he successfully graduated from Myongji University earlier this year in March.


He had apparently sacrificed 2 years of his acting career in order to give his 100% as a student. His agency indicated that Park Bo Gum is passionate about pursuing his studies so it would’ve been difficult for him to do both.

“Park Bo Gum is an actor who is very passionate about pursuing his studies so it would not have been easy for him to attend school and work at the same time.” ㅡ Blossom Entertainment


The agency and Park Bo Gum himself recently revealed that now that the actor has graduated, he will look more seriously into his next work.

“Now that he has completed his graduation, he will be looking more seriously into his next work.” ㅡ Blossom Entertainment

“This year, I will definitely choose my next work and begin acting.” ㅡ Park Bo Gum


Meanwhile, there have been rumors that he could possibly be starring in a drama called People of Incheon Airport with Suzy while other reports confirm that he has been offered a spot for the new drama Boyfriend.

Here’s The New Drama Possibly Starring Suzy And Park Bo Gum


As Park Bo Gum seems to be in the process of reviewing his offers, it looks like fans will just have to wait and see how and through which drama or film Park Bo Gum makes a comeback!

Source: Naver TV, Dispatch and Mydaily