Park Bo Gum and Infinite Challenge members dance to BTS’s “Fire”

Park Bo Gum proved once again that he’s a huge fan of BTS by dancing along to their hit song “Fire”.

Park Bo Gum recently appeared on MBC‘s Infinite Challenge for their 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics special and the cast decided to have a dance party to celebrate the top actor’s appearance.

Definitely down to show off his dance skills, Park Bo Gum started off by dancing to TWICE‘s “Knock Knock”, perfectly mimicking the choreography. Park Myung Soo seemed jealous of Park Bo Gum, telling him to stop showing off, much to the amusement of the other cast members.

Soon after, the song changed to BTS’s “Fire” and while the main cast of Infinite Challenge could not match BTS’s difficult choreography and instead chose to perform their own dance moves, Park Bo Gum could be seen dancing in sync with the song, showing that he truly is a BTS fan.

Watch Park Bo Gum dance to TWICE’s “Knock Knock” and BTS’s “Fire” below.

Source: Xportnews