Park Bo Gum Considers Never Smiling Again After Seeing a Humiliating Fan Cam Photo

Poor Bo Gum just wanted to express his joy of seeing a fan.

A Park Bo Gum fan recently uploaded multiple fan cam photos of the star at the airport along with the caption, “Spring is here with Bogum.

In the photos, Bo Gum could be seen sporting a brown jacket and looking handsome as always. But there was one photo where he didn’t look so flattering which drew significant attention from fans.

This particular photo shows Bo Gum smiling in a hilarious way that almost looks like an intentional “ugly face” if that’s even possible for him.

As expected, this photo was retweeted so many times that it even reached Bo Gum. He then jokingly responded with, “I’d better not smile out of delight to see my fans anymore” and mentioned the fan who took the photo.

It appears that when Bo Gum noticed a fan taking a photo, he smiled because he was happy to see him, but the photo didn’t turn out as well as they usually do for the actor.

Despite Bo Gum’s reaction to the photo, many fans believe that this kind of photo only adds to his lovable charm.