Park Bo Gum Shocked Everyone by Exposing His Clean Face in the Middle of the Night

This was right after his fan meeting in Manila, Philippines.

Following Park Bo Gum‘s recent fan meeting in Manila, Philippines, he immediately got back to his hotel and filmed a live YouTube broadcast for the rest of his fans around the world.

Park Bo Gum started the broadcast by announcing, “I turned on my live broadcast as soon as I finished washing up” and proceeded to greet his fans in various languages.

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, what drew particular attention was how amazing Park Bo Gum looked right after washing off his entire face.

Despite having absolutely no makeup on, Park Bo Gum’s face looked as flawless as it does when he’s on live television.

He looked sweet and youthful as usual, and the wet hair only added to his refreshing look.

The way he smiled at the camera while reading his comments made the broadcast look like some kind of commercial shoot, and as a result, the footage became a hot topic of conversation online following its airing.

Check out the full live broadcast below:

Source: Insight
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