Park Bo Gum Sends A Supportive Message to BTS

He proved his friendship with BTS remained strong.

Park Bo Gum sent a surprise video message to BTS through his latest campaign with Coca-cola!

Coca-Cola gave a box of cola to 2 fans who retweeted the message.


In the video, Park Bo Gum expresses his love for the members and vows to always support them no matter what.

“BTS, who I really really love… Are you guys doing well? Even though we can’t meet often because of our busy schedules, but I hope you never forget that my support for you will never change.” — Park Bo Gum


He cheered them on with the cutest message that will surely lift up the members’ spirits!

“Always take care of your health, and let’s only walk on flower roads. BTS, hwaiting!” — Park Bo Gum


Park Bo Gum and BTS became fast friends as they frequently met up on Music Bank, when Park Bo Gum was one of the main MCs.


Park Bo Gum and V particularly sparked up a special friendship and became one of the most famous pair of best friends in the Korean entertainment industry!


Park Bo Gum has been a spokesmodel for Coca-Cola for their past few campaigns, and he didn’t fail to send some love to BTS in the middle of his busy schedules!