Despite Busy Schedules, Park Bo Gum Supports His Best Friend V, By Going To BTS Concert

BTS just finished off their Wings Tour, and V’s best friend was there to cheer him on all the way.

Fans spotted Park Bo Gum at the Seoul concert, waving his own A.R.M.Y Bomb!

He sat in the VIP high rise seats as he held the concert signs.

And he sang along to every song!

Fans found it so adorable just how big A.R.M.Y he was as he cheered on his best friend, V!

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Even though Park Bo Gum is extremely busy with his own schedules, he took the time to support V’s final concert of the year.

He even took time to interact with his fellow A.R.M.Y members in the crowd!

Surprisingly, Park Bo Gum wasn’t the only famous friend in the crowd. Actress Ha Ji Won was right there with him!

Park Bo Gum and Ha Ji Won waved the A.R.M.Y bomb as they cheered on their mutual friend.

BTS’s final Wings concert was definitely a special night for a variety of reasons!

Just imagine how happy V must have been to have his best friends cheering him on in the crowd!

May V, Park Bo Gum, and Ha Ji Won’s friendship last a lifetime and beyond!

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